Minggu Bahasa Inggeris !


Well hello there ! *eh tu trademark orang lain , kau pakai nak kena sepuk ker? , Miihahahhah . oke lets started over it , well why english ? and why im suddenly speak in english ? *nak tiru maria elena zarul or anwar hadi or matluthfi? . No no , 2 or 3 days ago i ask one of my friends. " weyh macam mana nak improved BI , aku tak reti ney , bagi ah tips sket ! ". Then he gave me some tips . weewiiittt . " cuba la tiap tiap hari baca news strait times punya paper , pastu haa tulis blog ang dalam english . mungkin membantu " . so start from now on i will write in english maybe sometimes , bahasa always be number one ! . suddenly remembered to learn english with maria elena zarul or anwar hadi *mahu ke deme ngajor teman ! HAHA . just joking but if its true sumpah tak tolak ! . Im know that i not really good in english , not in writting or speaking . seem like menghancurkan lagi english . past and present tenses all scattered . Sigh !

I just remeber when i was 12 years old , my dad bought me a book , like small note book , and he said to me " abah nak setiap hari ada 1000 perkataan english yang ekin tak paham ,pastu bukak kamus cari ." . Hergh its just like a burden for me looking some words that i dont understand and wrote it on that book ! so bored . First day yes im doin that thing . For the second days and so on " alah abah tak check punnn , penat je buat " . Now i have been notice why my dad wants me to do all the bored things . Everything that our parents asking we do to something that not interesting or bored ,  it showed that our parents wanted we to be successful person and that kind of bored things will used by us when we are really need it . HUHU . feels so stupid now ! it would be nice if i listen to my dad that day and if its im hard-working person that time and not too lazy to study maybe im not be like now! Maybe *dah bole buat vlog speaking english lancar je macam minyak keta ron95 tu kannn . SIGH !

NOTA CINTA; sorry kalau ada salah pronouciation words yang tak kena. budak baru belajar . ney kes amek muet je ney . adesss laaa ;) wish me luck guys . love you all ketat ketat !

4 comel oshin:

E::Z::A::N ♠ C::O::M::OT said... [Reply Back]

haha! gudluck oshin- your english ok what? yg scattered, grammar..hehehe... nway, fighting!

fasha said... [Reply Back]

bagos la pon penah trpk buat cmtu..tapi tak teroskan sgt..hahah..anyway slamat mengimprovekan ur BI k??

oshin said... [Reply Back]

@E::Z::A::N ♠ C::O::M::OT huhu , oke lah sgt men bedal je ney

oshin said... [Reply Back]

@fasha thanks dear

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