whooot. whoot.

act ney tada keja. so update blog jb.
huuu. nga on9 fb+ms
as usual membuhsankan.
tada yg menarik pun.!
emm nk msg.? ouh my hubby so tired. pity him.
so tanak kaco dya. biarkan dya berehat di singapore tuh.
sem ney short sem.? ouh tdak.! after dat cuti 3 bulan
waaaa dugaan tuh. sebulan pun dh mcm2.
3 bulan kena kuat n bersabar ney.
tapa2. as long as we trusted each other. no matter wut
we can through it wif our syg.?
ngee. jiweng suda
rindu dya lah. rindu tersgt2 memori bhagia.
rindu nk geletek dya. rindu nk dgr gelak tawa dya.
rindu nk tgk jelingan mata dya.rindu nk lwn dya.rindu sume2 tuh.
rindu sgtx100.

p/s; sayang i rely2 miss u so damn much. just want u to know u r the one that i rely2 love in my lyfe n u r the best thing ever dat hapen to me. its true i cant live without u. i hope u can feel it. hope our relationships till the ends. as we made the promise before. will stand together till the ends. i love you so damn much mohd iqbal b. norhalim

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